Friday, 26 July 2013

Rent a car from Heraklion... with you dog

Yesterday I had a wander through Heraklion, stopping to ask in almost every car rental place if they allowed dogs in their rental cars. The responses were frustrating to say the least. I think I am going to end up repeating myself time and again in this blog, but the main conclusions I reached yesterday were three-fold, and apply to almost every aspect of travel with your dog:

1) Companies do not have written policies about whether they accept animals 

This means it's up to the individuals, how they are feeling on the day, whether they themselves like animals etc. It means they can change their minds when they see you and your dog, and that you can't refer to any official written rules of the company.

2) Size matters 

This is particularly frustrating to me, and it's something I meet whether I'm asking in hotels, restaurants, car hire places, everywhere..... either you are dog-friendly, or you are not.

3) The smaller, independent companies tend to be more dog-friendly/dog tolerant than the larger chains
Research so far shows this to be the case with accommodation, car hire, bars and restaurants.

I've listed (below) the companies that I asked at yesterday, and given their responses. Again, I'd like to emphasise that this is down to the individuals I spoke to, and you may get different responses. I would absolutely recommend that you contact the car hire company beforehand, and be honest about the size and breed of your dog - I doubt the company would turn you away if you had an agreement, but just make sure that everybody knows what they are agreeing to. I'll try to update this information asap with companies based in towns and resorts outside of the Heraklion area.


Head Office:  Heraklion, 25th August Street    Tel: 0030 2810 300150
Other offices: Hersonissos (Tel: 0030 28970 24734) and Stalis (Tel: 0030 28970 31233)

The only company who told me straight away, with no hesitation, that they would allow dogs in their cars.
This is a small, independent company, with pretty low prices. I would recommend trying this one first.


Offices all over Greece.
Heraklion, 25th August Street   Tel: 0030 2810 300744
Also offices at Heraklion Airport, Chania, Rethymnon etc

A mixed response. I was told there was no general company policy. The final answer was "Yes", as long as any damages were paid by the customer. This seems fair.
Prices for Hertz are generally higher than for the smaller companies, but you will find offices all over Crete, so may be more convenient.

Head Office:  Heraklion, 25th August Street   Tel: 0030 2810 289462

Again, a slightly unsure response. In summary - if the dog does not shed too much hair they will be permitted, regardless of size (e.g. bulldog 'yes', german shepherd 'maybe not'). They also said the dog should be transported in the boot of the car, and that any damages/cleaning should be paid for by the customer. This all seems fair, but is a little open to interpretation.
Small independent company, prices seem reasonable

Office: Heraklion, 25th August Street   Tel: 0030 2810 221609

Hmmmmm. They were very reluctant to commit, especially when I said I would post the information online. Restrictions would apply - they would prefer if you had a carrier, and protected seats etc for damage/dirt.

This is a very small company, reasonable prices.

Not dog-friendly

Office: Heraklion, 25th August Street (and many others, check website)

Staff were very helpful and friendly here. I was told that this was not a general policy, but they themselves would NOT permit animals, as some customers have specifically asked for cars that have not been used to transport animals.

InteRoad (
Office: Heraklion, 25th August Street   Tel: 0030 2810 284635

Again, very friendly, helpful staff. They even told me they themselves had dogs, and understood how difficult it can be. However, they said dogs are NOT allowed in any rental car, from any rental company, theirs included.

It seems that if you have a small dog, especially in a carrier, you will face less problems hiring cars. If you have a large dog, you may need to shop around. I would try the smaller companies first, and be upfront about the size of your dog.

Needless to say, be respectful of the cars, protect seats, and return the car in a good, clean condition.


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