Monday, 21 October 2013

Dinner at Finistrini Taverna, Palaikastro... with your dog

Dinner at Finistrini Taverna with Garbi and Sage
My poor friends didn't realise I had ulterior motives when I suggested dinner at the lovely Finistrini Taverna, just off the square in the village of Palaikastro. The waiters had barely brought out the bread and cutlery when I started embarrassing them by wandering about the taverna, trying to take photos of our two dogs from different angles. Their dog, Garbi, is not so used to modelling as Sage, and kept hiding under our table, which just meant I had to take even more shots to try to get them both in the frame...
We went to Finistrini in mid September. There taverna was busy, but not so full that we couldn't find a table to sit out of the way of other customers with our dogs. Everybody was fine about the dogs being there, both staff and the other customers, and the couple next to us quite fell in love with Sage.

Finistrini serves traditional Cretan cuisine, but sets itself apart from the others through presentation. We ordered a lot of food -fava, cheese pie, aubergine with cheese and tomato, salad, grilled meat - and each came out beautifully prepared (and tasty) on long narrow, or small square dishes.

The decor is interesting too. They have used shells and netting for decoration, and managed not to look like a seaside tourist shop.

This taverna is usually a bit quieter than those on the square itself, which means it's maybe not quite so good for people watching, but is a lovely place to have a quiet meal and good conversation, with or without your dog.

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