Thursday, 7 November 2013

Losing a friend

Garby in her favourite spot for travelling
I just received the sad news that our lovely friend Garby passed away. Since she has featured in quite a few of my posts, I wanted to share this news here.

Garby was just a pup when she was found abandoned in the garbage (hence the name). She was adopted by some friends of mine, and spent 12 happy years, travelling between her home in Athens, and her 'summer home' in Palaikastro, Crete. She became an important part of our team at the excavations there, galloping around the dig house and garden when she was young, lying in her basket in our workroom when she got older, and always following my friends. Whatever job they were doing, Garby would be there too.
A few years ago on a camping trip
She was very sweet natured, quiet and calm (at least when she was older), and became good friends with my Sage. This summer, especially, we had lots of trips out with Garby - to tavernas, to the beach, the excavation.

It's going to be a different, sad place next summer, without our friend Garby.