Thursday, 13 March 2014

A rainy walk around town... with your dog

Dog walking in rainy Heraklion
I don't have much to write for this week's post. It's been a busy week of work, and it's too cold, rainy and windy to want to go out exploring. So, here are a few photos from a short walk I did last weekend with Sage's best friend Mayia.
We met a few friends along the way

Due to the non-stop rain, this was just a quick walk around the streets of Heraklion, in the area of Komeno Mpenteni (one of the gates into the old city), and up towards the neighbourhood of Mastambas. 

We played a little with some of the  beasties we found on the way (some with owners, some were friendly strays of the area), and we messed around taking selfies while waiting outside shops for our friends... 
Mayia browsing the daily papers

Selfie with Mayia

Then we went home to dry off and warm up... and that was pretty much it for the weekend. 

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